A selection of Tatiana’s repertoire – solo, duo and various combinations. Please contact her personally to find about further options and additional tittles. Click here to open/close info!


“DUO is a form of performance that has always attracted me. The very close, almost intimate interaction between two players gives that extra touch of concentration, and excitement that reaches over to the audience and creates a very special momentum in music making. The list bellow, includes selected titles not only from my repertoire with the steady formations I have with clarinet, saxophone, and organ, but also with other instrumentalists that I often perform with in different occasions.”(T.K.)

A selection of compositions written / arranged for duos of Tatiana Koleva:


Jeff Hamburg: Mode III flute and marimba (2008)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: White Flag (2007) – version for barisax & marimba
Ron Ford: Linea for baritone saxophone & marimba (2007)
Dimitar Bodurov: Oi Jano for saxophone & marimba & soundtrack (2006)
Roderik de Man: Tandem – for saxophone & percussion (2005)
Frans Vermeerssen: Abessynian for saxophone & marimba (2004)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Grab It! (1999) – version for saxophone & drums (2003)
Ned McGowan: Urban Turban – version for saxophone & marimba (2001/2003)
Hans Koolmees: NAR for bassethoorn & percussion (2002)
Roderik de Man: TANDEM for clarinets & percussion (2002)


Christina Viola Oorebeek: Pinwheel Stellar (2007)
Juan Felipe Waller Vigil: Chemicangelo II (2006)
Hans Koolmees: Events (2006)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: The Shining City (2002 / arr. 2006)
Peter Adriaansz: Structure XVI (2005)
Jan Hage: Professor Barabas (from ‘Suske & Wiske’ suite) (2003)
Larisa Vrhunc: Spomini na prihodnost / Memories of the future (2003)


Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte (piano percussion & electronical sounds)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Tierkreis (arr. for clarinets and percussion)
Panayotis Leftheris: PAGANA (clarinet & percussion)
Klaas de Vries: Berceuses (bass clarinet & percussion)
John Cage: Song Books (version for flute & percussion)
Peter Klatzow: Figures in a Landscape (flute & marimba)
Joep Straessaer: Points of Contact II (recorder & percussion)
Gerard Brophy: We bOp (saxophone & vibraphone)
Bill Evans: Peace Piece (arr. for sax & marimba)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Grab it! (version for saxophone & drums)
Wolfgang Rihm: SIEBENGESTALT (organ & tam-tam)
William Bolcom: Black Host (organ, percussion & tape)
Sofia Gubaidulina: Detto I (organ & percussion)
Magnus Lindberg: Metal Work (accordeon & percussion)
Alehandro Vinao: Tumblers (marimba violin & computer)
Philip Manouri: Le livre De Clavier (two marimbas)
Mauricio Kagel: EXOTICA SOLOS (two percussionists)
Edward Top: Double Smooth Disaster (two vibraphones)



Benedict Weisser: Abulafia 2008
Klas Torstensson: Two show pieces for Percussion 2008
Dimitar Bodurov: Miniatures for marimba 2008
Mayke Nas: Ready Made (2000 -2008)
Ron Ford: Dream (2008)
Ana Mihajlovic: Transformations (2006)
Ricardo Giraldo: GON’ DEAF! (2005)
Calliope Tsoupaki: Dithyrambos (2005)
Sinta Wullur: Dukha (2005)
Yannis Kyriakides: Bee Cult (2004)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Confessions from the world of sex, drugs & rock’n’roll (2004)
Donnacha Dennechi: Paddy ( 2003)
Chiel Meijering: Popcorn (2001)
Martijn Padding: Couple (1999/2002) with film “Crystals in Colour” by J. C. Mol (1928)
Paul Koek / Bart Visser: Waarom (1998)
Ricardo Giraldo: ” … ” for marimba overdubbed (1999)
Stuart Saunders Smith: Delbert (1994)


Keiko Abe:Michi, Dream of the Cherry Blossom
Minoru Miki: Time
Richard Rodney Bennet: After Syrinx II
Jacob Druckman: Reflections on the nature of Water
David Little: Modi-fications for marimba & tape
Stuart S. Smith: Good Night
Fredrik Andersson: Everything that happens in not in the newspaper
Marc Applebaum: Narcissus: STRATA / PANACEA
Tzenko Minkin: Concert piece
Louis Andriessen: Woodpecker
Ricardo Giraldo: ” … ” for marimba overdubbed
Emanuel Sejorne:Nancy, General Life
Lazar Nikolov: Music for Marimba
Rolf Gehlhaar: LINEAR A
Fabrizio Casti: Khroai
Jennifer Stasack: Six Elegies Dancing
Joseph Schwantner: Velocities
Peter Klatzow: Dances of Earth and Fire
John Cage: In a Landscape (arr. for marimba by T.K.)
Eric Sammut: A Star Piazzolla
Jo Sporck: Calderon op. 70 a


Morton Feldman: The King of Denmark
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union
Janis Xenakis: Rebonds
James Tenney:Maximusic, Having Never Written a Note for Percussion
Dobri Paliev : Folklor Suite for snare drum, Folklor suite for timpani
Maarten Altena: Pulse
David Lang: The Anvil Chorus
Richard Rijnvos: Stalker



(* written for T.K. / ** arranged for T.K.)


Tsenko Minkin: Concerto for Marimba/Vibraphone & Orchestra (2008) *
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Barracuda Concerto for marimba/percussion & orchestra (2006)
David Dramm: The Longitude Act of 1714; coda: “Sailors song”. T. Koleva – vocals/marimba & D. Dramm – vocals (2005) *
David Lang: Loud Love Songs for tambourines & orchestra (2004)
Hristo Yotsov: Concerto in 7 (2004)
Omar Daniel: Mechanical Advantage for percussionist and brass band (1996)
David Del Puerto: CONCERTO para marimba y 15 instrumenti (1996)
Gabriela Ortiz: Concerto Candela for solo percussion & orchestra (1993)
Richard Rodney Bennett: Concerto for marimba & chamber orchestra (1988)
Ney Rosauro: Concerto #1 for marimba & string orchestra (1986 )
André Jolivet: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (1958)
Darius Milhaud: CONCERTO pour batterie et petit orchestre (1939)
D. Milhaud / Louis Andriessen: The same Concerto: arranged for Orkest De Volharding & T. Koleva (2002) **


Lorry Tritten: TWO double percussion concerto (2004) *
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Fractured Lines double concerto on a tune by Peter Erskine (2002)
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Goldrush Concerto two percussion soloists & orchestra (1997)
Gabriela Ortiz: Zocalo-Bastille for Violin, Percussion & Orchestra (1996)
Peter Klatzow: Double Concerto for flute marimba and string orchestra (1993)


Bela Bartok: SONATA for two piano’s & percussion (1937)
Witold Lutoslawski: Variations on a Theme of Paganini (1941) for 2 Pianos & percussion (perc. arrangement by Marta Ptaszynska)
Leonard Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story” transcription for two pianos and percussion arrangement (1960)
Terry Riley: In C (1964)
Luciano Berio: LINEA for marimba, vibraphone, and two pianos (1973)
Mauricio Kagel: Dressur for percussion trio in theatrical setting (1977)
Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree mallets trio (1981)
Magnus Lindberg: Linea d’Ombra for flute, clarinet, guitar & percussion (1981)
Minoru Miki: Marimba Spiritual marimba solo & percussion ensemble (1984)
Ron Ford: Trarre for percussion quintet (1986)
Thierry de Mey: Musique de Tables (1987) trio
Michael Burrit: SHADOW CHASER for marimba & percussion ensemble (1994)
Frank Zappa: The Black Page – arr. for percussion ensemble by Ali Askin (1996)


Klaas de Vries: Pa Pa Pa Woman Woman Woman (2007) *.
Production of the Dutch music-theatre group De Helling for two voices, recorder, percussion and cymbalon. Music & libretto: Klaas de Vries; text: Han Shaogong.

Louis Andriessen – Workers Union (1975 / 1998) **
Version for percussion installation, soundtrack and theatrical arrangement.