youth percussion pool

Youth Percussion Pool

Youth Percussion Pool

The Youth Percussion Pool is a unique international educational and performance platform to meet other musicians, exchange ideas and together to create exciting new programs. It is founded in 2009 by the marimba / percussion artist Tatiana Koleva internationally renowned as solo and ensemble performer, educator and program maker. The Pool operates in collaboration with leading music festivals and organizations. It is an open form of musical interaction of young professionals “on stage” with renowned percussionists and performers, all coming from different countries. 

From the very first concert the enthusiastic reactions of audience and press immediately made clear the impact and promising success of this new formation. The performances of the Youth Percussion Pool include a large variety of percussion instruments and are presented theatrically with humor and virtuosity; the programs combine in unique way the traditional instruments of Asia, Africa, Bulgaria, and Mexico with the newest forms and compositions. Next to that the music is strongly influenced by pop, jazz and folk music, using improvisations and sound-scapes. Anything is music: sounds & rhythms can come from tables, cactuses and branches, tea cups and frying pans, news papers and cow bells. The result is a spectacular performance event, with magical atmosphere and intoxicating spirit that leaves the audience spellbound and dazzled.