Tatiana’s signature mallet series NovaLinia available at Pustjens Percussion Products.
‘No Sugar Added’ and ‘Knock on Wood’ were released on Tatiana’s own label NovaLinia Records. NoveLinia Records is a private initiative of Tatiana Koleva that started couple of years back with the releasing of her first solo CD “Knock on Wood”. The label has the ambition to promote and trigger the interest of the listener for new unusual pieces around and in combination with the marimba & percussion developed in close, intense collaboration with composers and arrangers. The versatility and possibilities of the instruments are endless and the music results in intriguing compositions, cross-over forms and improvisations. One of the main importance is the sound quality and producing. Therefore the collaboration with the sound engineer, the choice of the studio and method of producing are of extreme importance.

NovaLinia is also the name of Tatiana’s signature mallet series by Pendim. These mallets are exclusively available at Pustjens Percussion Products in Amsterdam. Order online at
Click here for more info on the NovaLinia Signature Series by Pendim.

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